Wednesday, July 7, 2021

New Shoes

The rear tires on the PedoVan weren't worn out down to the cords, but they'd been on there long enough that the sidewalls were starting to crack, and the tread rubber was getting pretty hard. I'd put off changing them for long enough, and decided that since I had an oil change coming up, now would finally be the time to swap them out.

I decided to go with an all-terrain tire given my ambitions for dragging the van into the great unknowns of national forest and BLM lands, and the BFG KO2 tires got great marks from other van owners for combining respectable dirt performance with incredibly good highway manners.

They don't look half bad either. The wheels, on the other hand, could probably use a fresh coat of paint.

Ah well, another thing to add to the list.

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