Wednesday, June 30, 2010

And it's about time

I finally brought my bike home from the bike shop today. Riding it with my recovering shoulder isn't 100% comfortable yet, but if I go easy on it it's ok. I'm planning to do a few test rides this weekend, and then hopefully start riding to work next week. Hopefully.

I took a picture of it, as well as some pictures of some other stuff I've picked up over the summer. I'll probably move those pictures around later when I get my gallery set back up properly, but so long as you're not reading this blog post 6 months from now the links should be good.

I still need to mount up my GPS on my bike, so I think I'll go do that, and then take a swim to stretch out my shoulder a bit.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Walk a mile in my shoes, or maybe 7.5 miles

Yesterday (Saturday) I was contemplating taking a quick train ride up to SF to wander around a bit. The purpose of this journey would be twofold: Firstly, it would get me out and about and doing some physical activity, which has been in short supply ever since that little incident with the longboard. Secondly, it would provide an opportunity to drop by an American Apparel store to spend a $5 coupon I have.

Unfortunately two things conspired against me: The item I was hoping to purchase was only available through their online store, and I was feeling a bit off on Saturday morning, and didn't want to be stuck in SF if I should happen to get properly sick.

Thankfully I am undeterred by such minor setbacks, and went about formulating a Plan-B. This plan, as it would turn out, was to take a walk from my apartment over to Stevens Creek Trail. I wasn't sure how much walking I'd be in shape for, so I left open the option to perhaps walk a section of the trail as well, though that didn't turn out to be the case.

I managed to keep up a good pace and walked the 7.5 mile round trip in about 2 hours. I took my GPS along with me (though I haven't downloaded the log yet) and the heart rate monitor showed me keeping me ticker ticking at a good 125-130bpm, which is a nice moderate aerobic level for me.

In case you're dying of curiosity, the exact map of my journey is as thus:

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Eating Right, Living Right

This morning I woke up, went back to sleep, woke up again, went back to sleep again, and eventually at around 9am decided to actually get out of bed.

For breakfast, I cooked up a pair of frozen waffles and topped them with whipped cream cheese and seville marmalade.

I then took a nap on the couch.

For lunch, I thawed a bagel in the oven, sliced it open piping hot, laid on some cheese, and then topped it with a pair of fried eggs.

I then took a nap on the couch.

Mixed in with this I also listened to a few podcasts, and I think I also took a few naps here and there.

Shoulder is still bothering me, but I'm feeling a little better every day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Just over 3 hours

That's how long it took from the moment I purchased my longboard around luchtime on May 29th to the time I fell off it and broke my shoulder later that afternoon. It turns out that what I consider a hill and what a longboard considers a hill are two very, very different things.

The good news is that I don't need a cast or any sort of immobilization. Since I snapped the end off my humerus, all I need to do is go easy on it for 4-6 weeks and use a sling for comfort. Not a bad deal all things considered.

The road rash is healing up nicely, and I've regained at least basic light function in my arm so it should be pretty easy to deal with.

I took the week off work, and should be back at it this coming Monday.