Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So this afternoon as I'm heading off to class, I notice that a wayward bird has managed to find himself stuck in the front porch. No doubt he snuck in under the porch door the previous night looking for some place safe and warm to nap.

Now seeing as the front porch isn't a terribly good place for a bird to live, what with all the glass windows and complete lack of anything edible, I decided to help the bird back out into the wild blue. I opened the porch door, and set about chasing the little bugger out.

It didn't go quite as planned though, and the bird ended up parking himself on top of a wood pile in a corner of the porch. I used a stick to chase him out of there, at which point he hopped over to just behind the wood fridge (long story).

Seeing as his tail was sticking out, I came up with the bright idea that I would grab his tail, pluck him out, and toss him out the door. Well, as it turned out, his tail feathers were the only part I managed to pluck out. Oops.

Undeterred, I used the aforementioned stick to prod and poke the bird, eventually dragging him out from behind the wood fridge, at which point I just picked him up and tossed him out the door, and watched him safely fly away.

And that was my fun for the day.

Also, BIRDS!

Monday, October 5, 2009