Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2,3: Twin Falls to Glendive to Winnipeg

(Backdating this post so it lines up to when I originally intended to post it)
The drive from Twin Falls to Glendive was annoying but tolerable. It rained a lot, though there were periods of sun. Sadly it was cloudy when I went through Butte, so I couldn't see the giant Butte'er Jesus on the hill (the internets tell me it's actually a statue of Mary, but it's not easy to tell from the interstate).

The drive from Glendive to Winnipeg was a lot rainier. I think I passed a tornado or two after Grand Forks, and had lightning strike objects within 200ft of the car at least 3 times. I also just barely made it through Morris, as the road through town had started flooding, and was at least 8 inches deep by the time I waded my car through it.

And, to cap it all off, the rain was bad enough that it even stripped some of the paint off my hubcaps.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 1: Sunnyvale to Twin Falls

Not much to say, same 'ol drive. My hatred for US93 burns with the fire of a thousand suns.

As with every year, I passed a bunch of freaks headed for Burning Man, including one guy who was driving an old 80s Honda Civic with the roof cut off. Not a convertible, just no roof. As would be expected, a few of the remaining body panels weren't all that well attached either. I'm going to miss California.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Third time's a charm

As I posted previously, I finally got my bike home from the bike shop and have since been riding it to work most every day. I've also taken it up in the hills a few times, and this past weekend on my third attempt I managed to make it to the top of my favourite route, up Moody and Page Mill road. Yay me!

The bike was delightful to ride and handled the hills splendidly. I was originally worried that the gearing might not be low enough, but it turned out to not be a problem.

I probably would have been successful the first two attempts, but it was much hotter on those two days so I ran out of water both times.