Saturday, August 29, 2020

Just A Little Off The Top

 When I moved in the plum tree in the back yard was a mess. It was also inconveniently located relative to where I planned to rebuild the hantavirus shack, so I wasn't entirely too concerned about it. However, given that getting around to replacing the hantavirus shack is going to happen in its own time, I decided that I'd at least try to give the plum tree a hair cut and see if I could get it growing a bit lower towards the ground.

Well, there's less of it now, and it's less tall, but it's still not really as low as it should be. Ideally a fruit tree should be pruned to stay within fruit-plucking height, and this is quite a bit higher than that. Maybe it'll sprout some branches further down and I can lop off the stuff growing above it again? Dunno.

What I do know is that I definitely removed quite a bit of it.

The pile here is maybe 5x5ft and maybe 4ft high. It's fairly well compacted since I needed to chop up the branches fairly small to get through my side yard. I'm sure glad we have municipal yard waste pick-up here!

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