Saturday, September 5, 2020

No Mountain Lions Were Harmed

 Since I had Friday off to begin my week of vacation time, I decided to start things off with a blast... through the hills, of course. The weather was pretty much perfect for a ride through the scrubby exposed hills of San Vicente, Calero and Cañada Del Oro. So I saddled up on Blackbirb and rolled out early in the morning.

I had initially planned to ride a shorter route and drag Tyler along, but he had some stuff to do so I went on my lonesome and completed a route that I had been intending to do back when I was devoured whole by a mountain lion a few months ago.

Specifically I wanted to get to the highest point on the Bald Peaks trail, which runs along a bit of a ridge line through Cañada Del Oro. As such it's a bit difficult when on the bike to tell which part is the peak, and on my previous ride I had gone out-and-back on the trail and it wasn't clear if I'd made it to that high point or not.

This time I did a loop that encompassed the high point, guaranteeing that I'd pass through it. Of course I wasn't starting at the base of the trail leading to that goal point, so I had some riding between here and there to cover.

Thankfully my legs are doing great these days and I had basically no trouble covering the distance. I even had a great time blasting up one of the really steep sections of trail that, in previous attempts, I'd had to stop part way up on. Even late in the ride my legs still felt like they could keep on going forever. I love this feeling.

Really, the only low point of the ride was accidentally dropping one of my energy chews in the dirt. RIP that energy chew.

If you were to ask me if the trail was dusty, I would say the answer would be "a tad".

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