Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The Future's So Bright

So it was about time I upgraded my shades.

My cycling sunglasses were doing well, but the rubberized pads on the arms had swelled a bit over time and were starting to split at the ends. Since they've lasted quite well I decided to go with the same brand for the new ones.

New ones in the front, old ones in the back. I don't recall the model of the old ones, but the new ones are the Tifosi Slice.

For my day-to-day sunglasses I had been wearing a pair of nearly identical Fila branded shades. They served me fairly well, but more recently they started getting sticky-plastic-syndrome and the paint started flaking off the frames. It was time to take them out behind the woodshed.

The new shades are Suncloud Airways, and with any luck they should last me as long as the previous ones.

As you can see, those old ones are done.

As to why I have different sunglasses for daily and cycling purposes, the reason is simple: I like a light shade photochromic lens for my cycling so that I can wear the same pair day or night, and I prefer a darker shade for the regular sunglasses.

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