Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Better light makes better photos

Time for another flower update. First up, the... whatever this is, I keep forgetting.

Orange thing. Whatever. It made a flower.

Next up, the echeveria with its absurdly long flower stalks.

And the rose, doing its rosy thing.

I'm sure that by any other name it would smell as sweet.

The yellow iris.

It needs a bit of deadheading. Ah well, a problem for future-me.

The elderberry is looking like it might bloom.

It'll be interesting to see what it looks like.

The mexican heather is recovering nicely from being planted.

The succulents in the front are doing lovely as always. Can't remember what these ones are called.

And if these photos are looking more delightful than usual, the reason is because I'm cheating.

Finally went and got myself one of those pop-out reflectors. It's got a black side, a silver side, a gold side and a white side, along with a translucent core. I primarily used the gold side for these shots, to give a nice warm fill light. It really steps up the game.

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