Sunday, May 2, 2021

Another day older and deeper in debt

So Tyler noticed on Friday that a neighbour was giving away some free 12x12 concrete pavers after presumably ripping out a backyard patio. He grabbed a few to lay down beside his house, and mentioned to me that more were available.

Now I've had in mind for a while a plan to dig out some access paths under my crawlspace, as it was built too narrow to actually crawl through properly, and I wanted to line the bottom of these paths with some concrete pavers so that I wouldn't just be crawling along on the dirt all the time. So, that made it a no-brainer to go pick them up.

It's a good thing I have a van.

Anyway, I got pretty sweaty loading these on Saturday morning, so I waited until today to unload them.

Ah, what a satisfying stack. 97 pavers in all, each about 18lbs, so 1746lbs (approx.) in total. For reference, the total payload capacity of my van is almost exactly twice that amount (just under 3500lbs).

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