Tuesday, May 25, 2021

A Vacation From Writing Software

 It's nice to take a break from my day to day job writing software, and finally just kick back, relax, and write software.

Today's project is updating my security cam monitor. No changes to the actual cam displays, but rather I'm filling in the space below it that had just been a plain blank white space up until now.

As we can see, it's now a plain black space! And it has a calendar display in it, which I coded up from scratch over the past few days. The current day's highlight is a bit less unreadable in person, thankfully.

We can also see the whole reason I have this display in the first place: to see when packages arrive. Nice.

I still have plans to add a clock and weather widget. I might try knocking one or both of them out this vacation, or I might wait for later. Depends on how bored I get, and how many other projects distract me from this task.

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