Sunday, January 31, 2021

Turning The Tables

The previous owners left behind a patio table and umbrella for some reason.

"Some reason."

Yeah, it was about time I dumped it in the trash. Of course, it doesn't fit in the trash in one piece, so step one was to make it not be one piece.

That'll fit nicely. With the amount of water that the particle board soaked up, the saw made a lot less saw 'dust' and a lot more saw 'mush'. It was weird seeing the soggy sludge being pooped out of the dust chute rather than the usual blast of light and airy dust.

Anyway, into the bin it went, ready to be picked up by the garbage truck tomorrow. I also set out the two cheap plastic chairs on the curb with a "FREE" sign and they found a new home within a few hours. Nice.

I did also disassemble the umbrella and dump the appropriate bits into the recycling and trash, but did not take pictures of the process. The umbrella will not be missed, nor will the table and chairs. I'm glad to be rid of them all.

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