Sunday, February 3, 2019

Proper Waterflow

So last night it rained pretty hard, and much to my dismay the back yard started to flood despite having a bunch of landscape drains that should let the water out into the front street. So off to the Home Despot I went this morning to obtain some supplies.

I had intended to pick up a garden hose and new sprayer so I'd have one at the back, and was successful in finding this. I also intended to rent a drain snake, but as it turned out I could rent a fancy-pants motorized 50 foot snake for $25, or I could buy a manual/drill powered 25 foot snake for $25, and I opted for the latter. I also was hoping to pick up a small amount of landscape fabric to fashion some filters for the drains to keep the leaves and debris out, but it only came in 4' by 50' rolls at minimum, and I didn't really want to deal with having a lot left over.

I snaked the drain and didn't really find any complete blockages, but it was at least flowing better by the time I was done with it so hopefully it'll work a bit better in the next downpour.

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