Tuesday, February 5, 2019

It's cold upstairs

So it snowed in the hills. I decided to take a little spin up Mt Um to get some pictures, and saw a few lovely sights along the way, like this slightly frosted tree.

The path was only a little damp, with some scattered snow along the sides. I could only go over to the Bald Mountain peak as the road up to the Mt Um summit was closed.

I'm pleased to say the views across the south bay were well worth the short hike.

My timing was quite fortunate, as when I came back down the mountain the gates at the bottom were closed, so had I been any later I wouldn't have been able to go up!

The road itself delivered little drama, with just a few wet patches and no ice. I did have one little slip once I was almost back in town, on some dirt that had been kicked up onto the road. It was just a little wiggle and I kept things upright though, so not a big deal.

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