Wednesday, December 26, 2018

How Plans Change

I started out today entirely intending to scope out a bit of electrical work in preparation for improving the lighting in the garage. Things began with a wild goose chase through the electrical panel trying to find the breaker for the lights in the garage. Turned out not to be on any garage-related circuit, but rather on the same circuit as the lighting in the general area of the house, for whatever reason.

Anyway, while I was at this, I discovered that the bypass valve for the cursed water softener was leaking. I tried wiggling the valve back and forth a little to see if maybe the seals would seat themselves, but that ended up making things worse. Of course.

So, first stop: plumbing section. Got some fittings, tools, a bottle of MAP gas, one of those nifty insulating cloth thingies that you stick behind the pipe you're torching so you don't get those black marks on the drywall. All that good stuff.

And say goodbye to the cursed water softener!

I will not miss you. Burn in hell.

Next up was replacing the somewhat sketchy 10-30R outlet with a 6-30R.

So fancy!

And finally I decided to cover up the doorknob hole in the wall near the back door.

Yup, that should hide it.

I've got about half the supplies I need for the electrical work. I ended up finding myself in a moment of hesitation once I got to the romex aisle and remembered that copper costs money, and decided to measure out what I'll need rather than just buying a huge spool or two all at once.


Unknown said...

Copper has gotten stupidly expensive. Especially compared to back when I bought a bunch of copper pipes and fittings in NC to use as curtain rods. (Dad claimed my curtain rods when he helped me move home. Now I wish I had kept them.)

I need one of those insulation mats.

Tony Mantler said...

Yeah, the torch mat thing is really, really nice.

So far I'm collecting more copper than I'm using, I'm about to reclaim a bunch more that ran over to a sink in the garage I removed.