Saturday, December 1, 2018

And So I Have Moved Out

Moving in, on the other hand, is still gonna take a bit of time. But that's how these things go.

Last load was in the Pedovan and rolling out at 3:30am last night. Remember that "I just have a few more odds and ends to load up" means at least 2 hours of hard work ahead of you. It didn't help that the parking space was about 45 seconds of walking one-way from my apartment, so I could count on a minimum of 2 minutes per load. Times obviously increased if the item was large and awkward. It was taking anywhere from 2-4 hours to load the van on that end, and about 15-30 minutes to unload at the house.

To say this was exhausting is an understatement. In fact it was so exhausting that when I woke up this morning at around 10am, I actually had difficulty standing. Like literally my body just couldn't support my weight because I was that completely drained. Luckily things have improved after a nice hearty breakfast and a bit of relaxation, not to mention a lovely hot shower, and I'm half way to feeling pretty decent again.

Well, time to go unpack I suppose.

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