Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wheeling around Stevens Creek Trail

Took my 29" unicycle out for a spin this afternoon and collected a nice sunburn on my arms.

This is the route I took.

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Had a nice lunch at Michael's Restaurant in the middle.

I think I'll stick to shorter routes in the future though, this was quite a distance!


Bob Ludwick said...

That looks like one LONG ride. Did you get any unexpected bumps or bruises? Was that all on hard top roadways?

tygunn said...

Looks like you almost need one of these:

Nicoya said...

The path was all paved, but it was paved with the cheap, thin, lumpy bike-path pavement. Certainly a far cry from the buttery-smooth highway pavement or the slightly lumpy surface street pavement I've ridden on before.

Heh, yeah, I saw that Uno. Looks like a Segway on steroids! Bombardier had a similar concept vehicle a few years ago:

noricum said...

Any photos of iSwatchy with the unicycles? ;)