Saturday, July 11, 2020

Wide Open Spaces

I've been coding on the couch since lockdown started. It's comfy enough, but leaves a little bit to be desired given that I'm supposed to be working on hardware and not just software. So I ordered up a desk/workbench to put in my craft room.

The setup still needs a bit of work and tidying up. I've temporarily got my spare TV acting as a second monitor, since I haven't grabbed the one off my desk at the office yet, which will mount to the monitor arm on the right-hand side.

The overhead shelf was definitely worth springing for, though right now it's just holding a bit of clutter rather than useful test equipment. That will come in due time. It's also holding up some LED strip lights that are filling in the shadows under the shelf.

The cord going across the front of the desk to power these lights is temporary, as I'm waiting on Amazon to deliver unto me the 12-outlet 4-foot power strip that I'll be mounting under the main desk surface. Should be here on Monday.

It's a welcome improvement, though perhaps slightly less satisfying than my original plan of building it myself.

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