Saturday, July 11, 2020

Shaves As Close As A Blade

I mean it better shave as close as a blade, it's got a blade in it.

I got tired of my Grizzly planes being a bit cantankerous so I dropped a bit more (a bunch more) coin on a Wood River no 5 1/2 plane. I have to say, the extra money is worth it, it cuts so much nicer.

I probably won't replace my other Grizzly planes just yet. Once I get a mill in my shop I'm gonna take them apart and true up all the surfaces that should be true and then they should perform just as well, but until then I can make do. The Grizzly no 7 and no 4 are performing acceptably well, the no 5 was being complete trash even after I tried to file down some of the rough machined surfaces, thus buying a 5 1/2 to replace/augment it.

It's nice to have tools that work.

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