Sunday, April 5, 2020

Loads of Little Things

Catching up on projects, last weekend I got a pair of tool pouches to fit on my road bikes, matching the one I got for my mountain bike. While it would be ideal if they worked just off the shelf, I didn't trust the open bottom of the side-elastic to retain the patch kit on one side or the multi-tool on the other, so I stitched the hole at the bottom closed.

Also in this photo: the chain keeper I installed on the front derailleur. It's the little curved arm with SRAM printed on it hiding behind the chainrings and front derailleur cage, and it keeps the chain from falling off the inside of the smaller chainring in case of a bad shift. Just a cheap insurance policy.

Back on the sewing side of things, a while back I bought a satin sheet set from Amazon and, as nice as it feels, the slippery fabric and somewhat feeble elastic on the fitted sheet means that it doesn't hold securely to the mattress and tends to wrinkle up overnight.

Problem solved. The wavy stuff is a silicone grippy material that came on the elastic. I had actually purchased it for a different project but there's plenty left if I want to pick that one up again.

One last picture, this time just a teaser of a project I started this week and will probably, hopefully complete by next weekend.

What's it gonna be? Gotta wait until it's done and it'll all become clear.

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