Sunday, October 20, 2019

There and Back and There and Back Again

This week hosted a bit of a personal achievement for me: for the first time in basically ever, I climbed a hill on my bike, rode back down, and climbed it again. Doing repeats like this is something that isn't unfamiliar for most cyclists, but throughout all my riding I'd been treating hills as enough of an achievement on their own to not tempt fate doing them twice in a row in the same ride. If I needed more challenge, I'd just find a bigger, steeper climb.

That said, on some level I knew I really should get into the habit of doing repeats, since they're a great way to get in a variable-length workout while still pushing yourself. Rather than committing beforehand to climb a certain route, I could just pick a short, tough climb and go out and ride it as many times as I needed to wear myself out, whether that be two, five, or 35 times, and I'd get the time spent on the descent to recover between repeats.

Here's what it looked like.

This weekend I also put some miles in on Blackbirb since it'd been a while since I got dusty. Nothing spectacular to report, though I'm happy to say that the downtube pouch I installed performed flawlessly. I did overestimate how cool it would be riding first thing in the morning, and I probably could have done to just wear my usual kit rather than adding the wind breaker, winter gloves and thermal cap. No harm done though, it was still fun.

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