Sunday, September 1, 2019

Turning Over A New Leaf

So there's this shrub of some description in my back yard. Ugly as sin, mutilated with poor pruning and basically just weedy and leafbare.

When I moved in I took a "wait and see" approach to it to see if it might leaf out and redeem itself, but it remained looking basically like this the whole time, with just a few leaves and some tiny purple flowers. As the weeks turned into months I hatched a plan to replace it with this leftover... uh, no idea what it is but it's a neat looking plant.

It had just been sitting in this container since I moved in. There's a bunch of similar plants in the front yard and I imagine the former owners had some sort of plan for it, but my plan was simple: stick it in the hole in the ground I was about to make ripping out the ugly, weedy shrub.

Looks quite nice there, I must say. The digging was quite hard work as the soil here is pretty miserable hard-packed gravel and clay. If ever I find myself with the urge to redo the landscaping, I'll be sure to bring in a few truckloads of compost to amend the soil.

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