Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home, sw-... well, home at least

I'm home, safe and sound. I left Vancouver at 8:30 am local time on Saturday morning, and rolled in to Winnipeg around 2:00 am local time on Sunday night / Monday Morning, with a stop in Calgary in between.

As I expected, Father hadn't cleaned anything in the entire house while I was gone, so everything was completely filthy when I returned... well, filthier than normal at least. I'll perhaps never understand how someone can so completely and utterly fail at the most basic household tasks.

The drive itself went fine, though rather wet for the most part. Drove past some accidents, almost hit a deer, got slowed up by construction in a lot of places, etc etc. The usual drive.


Michelle said...

Good think you had your iPod to keep you company on such a drive.

Nicoya said...

Except I don't actually listen to music while I drive.