Saturday, June 5, 2021

Two Weeks of Fitness

Now that my two weeks of vacation is wrapping up, I figured I'd write a quick summary of the outdoor adventures I partook in.

First up, a gravelly loop around RSV, Calero and RCDO. I had initially planned to drop down the far side of the hills in RCDO and try out a trail I hadn't ridden before, but I felt a bit low on steam and decided to turn around at the peak instead. The new trail can wait for another ride.

Speaking of new trails, Wilder Ranch was next on the list. I hadn't been there before and I found it to be a very pleasant day out. For some reason I felt really chill riding the trails there, and I didn't mind just taking my time and taking it easy.

Not every ride was off road though, and I dusted off Purple Haze for a ride down to Chesboro Reservoir, which was basically just a repeat of a ride I'd done previously, but where I'd taken an unexpected break part way up a climb when I noticed that my camera had filled its SD card.

I also scouted out a possible morning ride around Almaden. The ride is nice, but it's a bit too slow to be able to do before work, which I try to limit to 1 hour or less.

I had a doctorb appointment first thing in the morning on Wednesday so I didn't ride the bike that day, but I made up for it with a sweaty hike through Heintz Open Space.

I wrapped things up with a lap around Demo, this time with the aim to work on my jumping a bit. It was a nice day out.

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