Thursday, April 1, 2021

Leafy Non-greens

So along with the daikon (which continues to do well) the yard is also hosting the arrival of the usual spring blooms. The marguerite daisies are doing lovely despite almost dying a year or two back.

And the African daisies are also doing quite lovely.

Google identifies this as a blue potato bush. I identify it as a stringy, half-dead weed that occasionally produces some patches of pretty purple flowers.

I cut the periwinkle back to the ground each year, and each year it shoots up like crazy and produces a bunch of lovely purple flowers. It would probably consume my entire yard if I were less aggressive with it.

It was a bit dry this winter so the calla lillies haven't really produced much. But something is more than nothing.

The new lithodora plant hasn't died yet, so that's nice.

The spanish lavender is still doing quite well, and is sending out some new growth already.

And the milkwort is looking lovely and purple, as it wont do.

There's quite a lot of purple in the yard.

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