Sunday, February 9, 2020


Rode around Lake Chatbot with Eevee this weekend to put some miles on my legs. It's been a while with how cold this winter has been.

I've actually been feeling a bit down about my fitness since the last ride I did up Kennedy and Montevina. Blowing up half way up Montevina and barely cranking it over to the top with an aching back kinda sucked the joy out of me for a bit. I was honestly starting to wonder if I had passed my peak and was just going to have to settle for the slow decline into old age.

But no, I still feel as good as ever. I mean, as good as I expect to feel after being off the bike for a few months and after putting in so few miles in 2019.

One other thing I discovered was that the little goodie bag I strapped to the downtube of Blackbirb does a great job of trapping dirt between it and the frame, which results in the frame getting scuffed. Luckily a quick polish took away most of the damage, and a layer of helicopter tape carefully applied will keep the problem from reoccurring.

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