Saturday, February 1, 2020

Better Living Through Chemistry

The grass coming up through the mulch in the front yard did not die forever over the summer as I had hoped in vain it might. With the return of the winter rains, it too sprang up once more to look ugly and unkempt. Pulling it up would take a lot of dirt and most of the mulch along with it, so instead I took a trip down to the Home Despot and picked up some roundup. Just sprayed on an application this morning as well as hitting some weeds here and there, and with any luck it should be able to knock down the grass for good. I hope. It'll probably need a few more applications before the problem is completely resolved.

Speaking of grass, I also spread a bit more seed on the back 40 since I wasn't really thrilled with the tiny amount that the spreader deposited. I sprinkled this by hand this time, concentrating on the most bald spots, and we'll see in a few weeks if that perks things up.

And on the subject of the back yard, I upgraded my air pistol with a steel breech kit and a red dot sight. It seems to be working pretty well as I managed to nail a squirrel with the first shot after I installed it. Of course the squirrel fell off the fence into the neighbour's yard (and a different neighbour this time, two down and three to go I guess).

Getting tempted to do another refi as rates are down again. Could save another ~$100/mo, or more likely spend $0/mo on another new motorcycle. Hmm!

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