Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Big Brother is Watching

Or, at least, big brother would be watching if I had the ethernet cables run, which I have not yet done. But I do have one of the cameras mounted, finally!

I reused a hole that was drilled by the previous owner to mount a security cam, though I think it was only supplying power and connecting via wifi as there doesn't seem to be any extra holes in the garage side of things to route an ethernet cable. I don't trust wifi.

So at some point I'll be making a trip up into the attic to run some cables from here to my network closet. Luckily the angled wall above the drywall joint adjoins the attic space so it should be really easy to put it in.

In the mean time I ran a temporary patch cable just to test things out.

Yup, works nicely. Once the sun goes down I'll grab another snap to demo how the IR mode works and then put the patch cable away so I don't trip over it and kill myself.

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