Saturday, September 22, 2018

A Pile of Parts

The new bike is coming together surprisingly quickly. I did decide to make the leap for disc brakes, and the frame came in on Thursday which actually caught me off guard a little bit. I hadn't been expecting it quite that quickly.

The frame looks magnificent and is of course light enough that I need to weigh it down so it doesn't drift up and bump along the ceiling. The wheels also arrived quite quickly, which was a pleasant surprise as they came all the way from the UK (not for any particular reason other than they somehow had a really good price on them).

The rest of the bits have been trickling in from Amazon, as they wont do. I've got almost everything I need from there but I'm waiting on the front derailleur and the bar tape before I'm at 100% of a bike. They should hopefully come in sometime next week. Hopefully. If push comes to shove I can run without bar tape for a few days but it'd be nice to have everything wrapped up at the same time.

I've been waffling over what to do with the leftover bits from my old bike. At this point I'm only a few parts short of a full bike, and I could either sell it off as such, or buy the few remaining bits and have two bikes? Like I could fit fenders to it and maybe use it as a winter bike. I suppose we'll see how I feel.

Speaking of extra parts, I did manage to accidentally order more parts than I need. I had bought a pair of lockrings for the disc brakes without realizing that the wheels came with a set, and likewise I ended up with an extra set of caliper spacers. Not a big deal, I'd rather have extra than none at all.

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