Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wheelin' It

I'm considering buying a new unicycle. The one I've got now, while basically functional, is leaving a bit to be desired.

First off is the seat. It's basically a piece of stamped steel, covered with a thin (and I do mean thin) layer of padding. This is the cause of some rather uncomfortable bruising on my thighs. Seat technology has come a long way in the past 15-20 years.

Second is the tire. it's not a horrible tire, but it's only rated for 45psi and I prefer running at much higher pressures, like 80-120psi. It's already showing signs of not liking being that overinflated.

Third is the pedals, which aside from being kind of cheap are also somewhat bent, no doubt a result of me falling off all the time.

Fourth is the frame, which is a flawed design that tends to develop stress fractures near the fork ends.

There's not many parts left on a unicycle aside from those, but I should say that the cranks, rim, hub and spokes are doing just peachy!

So, as you can see, it wouldn't be worth while to try to fix all these issues, so I might as well just get a new one.

At the same time, I'll probably also move to a 24 inch wheel rather than the 20 I have right now. A larger wheel is a bit easier rolling, goes further for each pedal rotation, and only sacrifices a bit of weight and maneuverability.

Of course, all this depends on actually having some money to spend at some point.

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