Sunday, March 1, 2020

Rearranging Things

So back when I moved in I was mulling over whether I wanted to buy a microwave (I didn't) or put my toaster oven in the microwave shelf (I didn't get around to it). Given that today is a lazy day, I decided to finally get around to the latter.

The first step was to widen the cord hole so I could feed the slightly larger toaster oven plug up to reach the outlet in the cabinet above. This all went pretty smoothly. Then I put the toaster oven in place and...

Right, LCDs have viewing angles, don't they. If I were a few inches taller it would look more like this.

Though the photo washes it out a little. Ok, plan B: toaster oven goes in the corner and stuff that doesn't have a viewing angle goes in the microwave nook.

It's so nice to have a kitchen equipped with a kettle nook.

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