Sunday, November 25, 2018

A New Home... For My Phone

There's rare occasion where I feel the need to have my phone out while driving. Very rare. But when it happens, I'd like the experience to be slightly more convenient than just stuffing the phone under my leg so that it doesn't go skittering across the floor of my van.

3d printing to the rescue.

I printed the replacement for the old UV-toasted tupperware cup at a pretty high speed so the bridging at the top didn't come out as magnificently as it probably should have, but a little blast with the heat gun got things mostly into place. Good enough to be functional. I almost left that part out but felt like it would look weird without something to connect the two horns sticking up above the rim.

I didn't make a cutout for a charging cable because it's an iPhone and it doesn't need charging. Certainly not for the rare occasions I use it in the car.

In a way I'll miss the tupperware cup. It served as a pen and coin holder in both the Jellybean and the Pedovan, and has seen me through thick and thin. Actually no, I take that back; it's filthy, rotting and disgusting, I won't miss it or the neon yellow-green crumbs it was leaving on my dashboard one bit. It had a good life, and it has now lived its last.

Amusingly it's old enough to have "Made in Canada" stamped on the underside. I suspect it's probably a fair few years older than I am, but it will not outlive me.


Unknown said...

Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee, so if it amuses you, you can get a free replacement.

Tony Mantler said...

It amuses me, but not enough to deal with sending it in for a replacement.