Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The home stretch

I'm finally at the DS7002 stage with my visa application, so that means that in the next day or two I should get my DS2019 soon and be on the road. Woot!

I'll be staying in Apartment 55 at the Thomas Jefferson Apts this year. It's a one bedroom cottage, and should be quite a bit nicer than having to live with people (even nice people). I just hope it doesn't spoil me too much, since I still have a few winters with Father to endure.


noricum said...

Ouch, that's even more expensive than my two bedroom "cottage" in Chapel Hill. Ever notice how they call apartments "cottages" so they can charge more? ;P

I *love* that it has a pool and pool table!

tygunn said...

Nice apartment! Is it just me or are the apartments there generally one helk of a lot more nice than anything here? Maybe its the palm trees! :)